After Mini C# Lab 1.0 was released, I got good suggestions from friends.  I agree that these improvements can make Mini C# Lab handier, so I add some useful features to it, then the Mini C# Lab ver 1.1 is coming...

New features:

  1. The *TERRIBLE* Ctrl-X shortcut for exit is removed, shortcut key for exit is Alt-F4 now.
  2. Support additional assembly references.  For example, when you want to use OracleConnection, you have to make sure your had added System.Data.OracleClient.dll reference to your project  in Visual Studio.  You can do the same thing with a "//REFDLL" remark, and please use ; to separate multiple references.

    Demo 1. Add references to System.Data and System.Windows.Forms to MessageBox.Show the SELECT getdate() from SQL server.
  3. Support .NET 3.5 now! You can test LINQ in Mini C# Lab 1.1 if you like to.  Mini C# Lab will add System.Core.dll, System.Data.Linq.dll, System.Xml.Linq.dll automatically when you choose ".NET 3.5" option, so no need to //REFDLL these three assemblies. By the way, don't forget to add "using System.Linq" in your code, or the LINQ code won't run.

    Demo 2. Choose target .NET 3.5, you can test LINQ in Mini C# Lab
  4. Automatically open the basic C# template after startup.

TIPS: you can use Ctrl-N to get an demo template to save some typing time.

Download Mini C# Lab Ver 1.1

Check it out and feel free to give me feedback.


Mini C# Lab 1.0推出後,不少朋友給了相當實用的建議,於是我偷偷地加了一些新功能,Mini C# Lab 1.1就誕生了...


  1. 該死的Ctrl-X離開快速鍵總算拿掉了,現在改成Alt-F4
  2. 可以在C#程式碼中加上"//REFDLL System.Data;System.Windows.Forms"這種格式加入額外的References, Demo 1示範了用MessageBox.Show出從SQL Server查出來的getdate()結果。
  3. 好像有不少人想用它來測LINQ,所以我加入了可以Build .NET 3.5程式的功能。選擇.NET 3.5時,我會自動參考System.Core.dll, System.Data.Linq.dll及System.Xml.Linq.dll,因此這三個可不用寫在//REFDLL中,但記得要using System.Linq哦!
  4. 啟動時會自動開啟基本樣本。

TIPS: 按Ctrl-N可以得一個基本的樣版,可以省去一些打字時間。

下載 Mini C# Lab Ver 1.1



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那麼快就有更新,真是太棒了~ 謝謝黑大~

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Dear 黑大,是否有考慮開發VB.NET的版本呢?謝謝您...

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如果能再加上 IntelliSense 那就太棒了... 對不起我是來亂的....(逃~)

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